Premade covers are non-refundable so please read the information on this purchase page carefully before you buy. PLEASE COMPLETE THE PREMADE ORDER FORM ON THE CONFIRMATION PAGE ONCE YOU COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE.

Covers in a premade set cannot be bought separately. Once you purchase a premade cover/set and fill in the order form, I will send you a preview of your cover(s) within 1-7 business days (turnaround will be longer if I am on holiday) and deliver the files after final approval.

The premade cover package includes:
1. an upload-ready ebook cover
2. a 3D render for promotional purposes.


You can upgrade to one print cover (KDP or Ingram) for an additional $50 per premade cover or two print covers (KDP + Ingram) for an additional $90 per premade cover. You can also upgrade to an audiobook cover for an additional $50 per premade cover and a social media kit for an additional $50 per premade cover. Please see some of these additional options at the bottom of this page or on the main shop page. Alternatively, you can buy these upgrades at a later date by purchasing them from the shop and filling in the corresponding order form OR going to the contact page and selecting Extras.


Please credit 17 Studio Book Design on your book’s copyright page.


Premades are only sold once. Once you buy it, it’s yours to use under the terms of license for the images, elements, and paid fonts used in its creation (see the FAQs on copyright and stock images). Note that premades are not for resale (i.e. you can’t buy my premade cover and sell it to someone else). All premade covers are designed using images readily available on stock image sites. I cannot guarantee that you won’t see the same images on other authors’ covers but I endeavor to make all covers I produce unique. Premades mean that they will be sold as they are. The only thing I will change is the title and author name and I will add any subtitle/series name, tagline, or quote you wish me to add. I may modify the font style and color to fit in with an author’s existing brand at my own discretion.


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