Premade Covers

How do I buy your premade covers?
Premade covers can now be purchased directly from my shop. Premade covers are non-refundable so please read the information on the purchase page carefully before you buy. Covers in a premade set cannot be bought separately. Once you purchase a premade cover and fill in the order form, I will send you a preview of your cover within 1-7 business days (turnaround will be longer if I am on holiday) and deliver the files after final approval. Most standalone premades can be turned into a series: subsequent covers will be charged at the custom cover pricing.


All future premade covers will be showcased in my Facebook group for 24 hours before going live in the shop. Join the group at the link below. 

17 Studio Book Design Premade Covers

What do I get with a premade cover?
The premade cover package includes:
1. an upload-ready ebook cover
2. a 3D render for promotional purposes.
You can upgrade to one print cover (KDP or Ingram) for an additional $50 OR two print covers (KDP + Ingram) for an additional $90. You can also upgrade to an audiobook cover for an additional $50.

Will you sell the premade cover I purchased to another author?

No. Premades are only sold once. Once you buy it, it’s yours to use under the terms of license for the images, elements, and paid fonts used in its creation (see the FAQ below on copyright and stock images). Note that premades are non-refundable and not for resale (i.e. you can’t buy my premade cover and sell it to someone else). All premade (and custom made) covers are designed using images readily available on stock image sites. I cannot guarantee that you won’t see the same images on other authors’ covers but I endeavor to make all covers I produce unique. 

Why buy a premade cover?

Premades are great for authors on a budget who can’t afford the more expensive custom made cover packages out there. I spend a lot of time on and give as much attention to my premade covers as I do my custom made ones, hence my price tag. Premades mean that they will be sold as they are. The only thing I will change is the title and author name and I will add any subtitle/series name, tagline, or quote you wish me to add. Within reason. I mean, I’m not gonna put “I AM THE GREATEST WRITER IN THE WORLD. PLEASE BUY MY BOOK” on there however much cake you give me. I may however modify the font style and color at my own discretion.

Custom Covers

How do I order a custom made cover?

Get in touch via the contact form on the website OR email me at ads [at] 17bookstudiodesign [dot] com and tell me the custom cover package you want to purchase as well as any extras you require from the prices page (you can always order extras later). I will send you a design brief to fill in. Just follow the instructions in the brief and send it back to me. I may send you follow-up questions to clarify some things. I will let you know when your project is booked in my schedule and request the deposit before I start working on it.

Note that the discounts applicable when 3 or more custom ebook or print packages are booked simultaneously will be deducted from the price of the final book cover. 

When can I see the first draft proposal and how many revisions do you offer?

I aim to provide your first draft within 7-10 business days of when your project is booked in my schedule. You get up to 5 rounds of revisions. The faster you reply with feedback about what revisions you require (within 1-2 days of each revision would be great), the faster you get your final cover.

When can I expect delivery of my final book cover?

Usually 7-14 business days from the first draft if minimal revisions are required. If you need all five rounds of revisions, then your cover will take longer to finalize. I will keep you up to date via email.

What do I get with my custom cover?

As for the premades, you will receive:
1. an upload-ready ebook cover
2. a 3D render for promotional purposes
3. a print full wrap cover if you purchased the print cover package. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a print cover (KDP or Ingram) for an additional $50 later.

I want an exclusive image for my cover. How can I make that happen?

I do not purchase exclusive images for use on my covers but I am happy to use one that you provide, as long as it is at least 300 ppi in resolution (which most photographers would automatically do) and 6″x9″. What you would need to do is buy the image and provide 1) proof of ownership or right to use the image and 2) photographer and model release forms. Supplying your own image does not change the design/package fee. If I feel your design requires a non-exclusive image from a premium stock site, I will discuss this with you first and tell you the extra fee that will apply for purchasing the premium image. I am happy to provide you with the receipt of the purchase upon request.

Can I provide my own non-exclusive stock image for you to use on my covers?

Yes, you can. You will have to provide me with proof of license and the image needs to be at least 300 ppi and 6″x9″. Supplying your own image does not change the design/package fee.

General FAQs

I want other extras. Can I have them, pretty please with sugar on top?

Well, if you ask so nicely. Check out my prices page for extras I provide and their charges. If there’s something specific you have in mind that is not listed on the prices page, feel free to talk to me about it. No, I will not make you a banner big enough to put on the moon that says “I AM THE GREATEST WRITER IN THE WORLD. PLEASE BUY MY BOOK”. I mean, the ppi and dpi on that thing would be eye watering. An hourly rate of $60 will be applied to all off spec extras. 

I want to make changes to the dimensions of my print cover. Can you do that?

If you want to make changes to the print book trim size and spine width following purchase and delivery of the final file, this will incur an additional charge of $40. If you’re only adding a handful of extra pages to the book without changing the trim size, I wouldn’t bother requesting a spine width modification. KDP and Ingram allow a small margin of error on the number of pages.

I purchased a premade cover from you a while back and need to change my title. Can you do this?

Sure thing. I can do this free of charge upon request. But not like, ten times, alright? I mean, come on, decide already!

Can I customize my premade?

Like I said under the question about why to buy a premade cover, I am happy to modify the font style and color at my own discretion. If you want more changes than this, I will upgrade you to my custom package and charge you the difference. The turnaround time for upgrading a premade cover to a custom one will be longer, subject to schedule availability. I will provide you with details of when you can expect delivery of your drafts and final files.

I’ve seen other covers using the same image(s)/models as your premades. Don’t you use exclusive images?

Most designers use non-exclusive stock images as they are affordable. Exclusive images can cost from several hundred dollars up to and above $1000. It will be up to the client to provide their own exclusive images if they want book cover designers to use one, unless the designer is also a photographer and provides their own exclusive images. In which case, I expect they will charge for the exclusive image as well as the cover design. So yes, this means the chances of seeing the same non-exclusive stock image or elements of a cover on different book covers exists, particularly if there is a limited variety of good stock images for that particular genre or it’s a great image that captures the genre well (from my experience, romance is the one genre where you are most likely to see the same image used on different covers). Stock images are licensed products, which means they are not bought outright but licensed for specific use. Most designers use standard license images from sites such as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock (these are the two main sites I use). A standard licensed image can be used worldwide in perpetuity for unlimited digital use, for up to 500 000 print materials (books/magazines/posters etc), and for free advertising (SWAG for authors to give away for free). If you exceed 500 000 print materials or want to use the images on merchandising goods (T-shirts, totes, mugs etc) for resale, then you need an extended or enhanced license depending on where the image was purchased from. Here are some links where you can check out the summary as well as the full terms and conditions for the use of licensed stock images for Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. It makes for great bedtime reading. Enjoy!
Having said all of the above, a good designer will always modify a stock image to make your cover as unique as possible. And most designers do not charge their clients for the standard license, non-exclusive stock images they will use for their covers. They may however charge an extra fee if they buy a premium stock image from another site, in which case they should discuss this with you first and give you the option to say yes or no.

Who owns the book cover and the images used?

Once purchased, you own the book cover as designed by me but copyright is another matter. Strictly speaking, I own the copyright to the unique composition of the drafts and final versions of the cover but I do not own the copyright to any of the images, artwork, vectors, paid fonts used, not unless I created them myself. That copyright belongs to the creator of that image or element, i.e. the photographer, artist, illustrator, or the stock image site if they purchased the copyright from the original creator. The copyright owner can sell/transfer those rights over in a legal contract but I suspect that would be a very pricey enterprise.


You will effectively be using those elements of the cover under the terms of the license under which they were purchased, which is usually a standard license agreement, and you will have to abide by the terms of that license. You can always upgrade your license if needs be if you wish to use your cover art for purposes not covered by a standard license. Just get in touch with me and let me know.

I can’t see a series set for a premade. Can you make me several premade covers for a series?

I will upgrade you to a custom package to create each additional book cover based on a purchased premade and will offer you a 10-15% discount on the entire series package.

I don’t know the title for my book yet. Can I still buy a premade or custom made cover package?

Sure thing. Once you’re ready to finalize your cover, I will deliver your final files. In the interim, you get a cover file with your author name and a holding title of your choice.

Can you provide me with a psd file so I can make my own alterations?

For custom covers, I can give you a psd file where you can edit the text layers but the image will be flattened or merged. Note that I use many paid fonts and unless you’ve bought the license to use them too and have downloaded them to your computer and they are in your Font Book application, you won’t be able to recreate them when you edit the text layers.

Do I need to credit you for the cover design?

Yes. Please credit me as follows on your copyright page: Cover Design by 17 Studio Book Design

Do you do book/series revamp?

Yes. If you have an existing book or series you want to revamp or redo from scratch, I can do this under the custom ebook or print package. A discount of 10-15% will be applied if 3 or more books are required.

I’m not happy with the cover. Can I get a refund?

Premade covers are non-refundable. For custom covers, if either of us feel that I am not the right designer for your project in the initial revision stages, then I will take a kill fee of 33% and refund you the rest of your deposit. So if you booked a $349 custom ebook package and put down a $150 deposit to secure the booking slot, I will take $115 as the kill fee and refund you $35. For a $399 ebook + print package, I will take $132 of the $175 deposit as a kill fee and refund you $43. If we’ve pretty much finalized the project and I am ready to deliver the files, then the entire deposit  will serve as a kill fee. This will be approximately 43% of the cost of the package.


The best thing you can do is to closely look at my custom and premade portfolios to see what kind of covers I can make in your genre before you approach me. Also, let me know during the third revision stage at least if you feel unhappy with the general direction the design is taking.

Can I use the drafts and revision images you send me before the cover is finalized and final payment has been made?

No, you cannot use the drafts or revision images anywhere public before final payment is made. You would effectively be using them without my expressed consent and will be violating the copyright of the design. You can show the draft or revision images to people privately for their opinions (ARC team, super fans, your author posse) but remember that they will be low resolution images, not the correct size, and watermarked with my logo and you will need to request that they do not share the images. After payment, you’re getting a high-resolution final file so you won’t need the drafts or revision ones anyway.

I want my book cover to be unique and stand out from the crowd. I know exactly what I want. It’s this scene from Chapter 15. Can you do that?

I could but I can’t promise you the book will sell. Your cover is your product to own but also my design and I could never deliver something I wouldn’t be happy to have on one of my own books. Your cover needs to do two things within a few seconds of a reader seeing it: convey the genre very clearly and look close enough to some of the other bestselling books in that genre for the reader to want to click to find out more. A detailed scene from your book featuring a character with a particular hair/eye/outfit color using a weapon and in a setting exactly as you described in the book may not convey that. Also, those details will be lost at thumbnail level, which is how most readers view books before they purchase them these days. Unique is great and all designers and writers want to be unique. But you need to think like a reader. Human psychology favors samey, i.e. people tend to subconsciously go for things they are familiar with.